Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paneer Rustle with Capsicum and Onion

Parampara ready - to - cook spices are available at any supermarket in any Mall in Mumbai (Bombay).

I had about 500 gm of fresh paneer sitting in my fridge waiting to be prepared for a meal. When I came across this packet stating that Paneer could be prepared with capsicum and onion, I decided to give it a try.

The packet has instructions on the reverse but i will mention the ingredients here.

INGREDIENTS - It involves : -
Paneer - 500 gms (cubed)
Curd (yoghurt) - 100 gms.
Capsicum - 3 medium (slices)
Onions - 3 large (slices)


1) Mix the curd with the entire pack of spice paste in a bowl and then add this to the cubed paneer and set aside while chopping up the capsicum and onions.

2) Add a little cooking oil to a non - stick frying pan and saute the marinated paneer well. Serve out onto a plate.

3) Then saute the chopped capsicum and onions . Add salt to taste.

4) After this, add the sauteed paneer and give a good stir. Add a little water to cook if you feel the paneer is not cooked completely.

5) The base (gravy) is thick and delicious. When completely dry, it makes a good Starter as mentioned on the packet. Otherwise, can be served with chapatis/rotis (Indian flat bread), naan, salad or steamed rice and yellow dal and papad. Yummy !!!

I am eagerly awaiting your comments after this post !!!! :)

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Srimathi said...

Parampara is very popular her in the U.S too. I sometimes like to use it. They have some good paneer dishes.