Monday, December 12, 2011

Party Shopping

Just before my son's first birthday, I was scouting for party suppplies, return gifts, party cutlery etc all over Mumbai. I did get a few things from the lanes behind Crawford Market. But my list was long and what I could get from there hardly made an impression on my list. I went to places like the The Party Shop (above Badshah's), the Sutar Chawl lane but couldn't get much.

So I went on to Google and started browsing for places where I might get the Party supplies and discovered several sites where I managed to buy a lot of things. I had a Disney theme planned for him and I managed to get Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse glasses, plates, plastic tablecloths.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Baby Products - shop Online


Its been a long time that I posted anything here.That's because I was involved full time in nuturing my one-year-old son. Now that things are a little settled, I decided to continue where I had left off.

Recently, when I was looking for some information online about birthday gift my son received, I chanced upon a number of Online Shopping websites especially for kids.

Since then, its been a month now and I am on a wonderful shopping spree for him. There are toys (musical, educational & activity, pull along, books, . endless list) , apparel for little babies and their Moms, feeding apparatus etc.

Shopping is a breeze here and they ship all over India, at your designated delivery address.

The products are from all the popular and reliable brands and of superior quality. Payment is easy too as there are several options. I always opt for COD (Cash on Delivery) which works very well for me. They do have payment by credit / debit card etc. too.

I was quite impressed with the Educational toys like "Fruit trays" (pictures of fruits with little knobs on the individual pictures for those little fingers), likewise for "Uppercase English alphabets", "Lowercase English alphabets", Cursive Writing, Shapes, Numbers, Carving English alphabet (which is next on the list for my son). I am planning to buy it before it gets sold out. There are also fun toys and musical toys too.

Shapes (like round, square, triangle, rectangle) are colourful little things which a 1 - 2 year can keep playing with and simultaneouly learn by fitting the right shape in the right slot meant for it.

Carving the English alphabet enables the child to hold a fake pencil and carve in the groove all the while getting the feel of writing the individual alphabet i.e. A, B, C....

They can also learn their ABCs and 123s in a fun way by way of music, puzzles, soft toys.

There is a whole world unexplored out there and its all within our (parents) reach. The price ranges from the lowest to the highest. Delivery is within 3 days. Quick, efficient , professional service and cooperative Customer Care team. Just dump everything in your cart and checkout to pay.

So Happy Shopping to me and all you anxious, time driven, harrassed but most of all, Loving Parents.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flipkart - books, music, movies

Flipkart launched as a humble online book store for India. Within two years and a workforce of no more than five people, purely through word of mouth of their amazing services, Flipkart cracked the Top 100 Indian sites and was credited for being India's largest online bookseller with over 7 million titles on offer.

Today, they don't just sell books, but mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, music and movies as well. They now have a workforce of over 1000 employees who cater to over a million satisfied customers.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Saucy Paneer

  I have finally perfected the art of making  Saucy Paneer.

This is what I will name my dish as it is neither too spicy to call it Chilli Paneer nor is is like a Manchurian dish to call it Manchurian Paneer.

It will satiated all taste buds. My family loved it. You can make it dry or keep a thick gravy. Its Versatile !!


                                    SAUCY PANEER

Ingredients used ...

Paneer - 500 gms (cubed)
Capsicum - 3 (large) cubed
Onions - 3 (large) cubed
Garlic - 5 flakes (or depends on how garlicky you would like to have it)
Soya sauce - enough to coat the cubed paneer
Chilli sauce (green or red) - according to the amount of spice you enjoy
Tomato chilli sauce - to taste
Tomato ketchup - to taste
Red Vinegar - 1 tbsp

Preparation . . .

1) Pour a little cooking oil in the non-stick pan and turn the panner. I discovered that the paneer was firm but very rubbery and tight when fried well which is not the way I like it. Keep aside on a kitchen towel to absorb the oil.
2) Pour a little oil in your non-stick pan and fry the cubed onions and garlic. Once almost done, fry the cubed capsicum.
3) Add the soya,chilli or tomato -chilli, tomato ketchup, vinegar and stir till done.
4) Add the fried paneer and mix well.
 5) Pour a little water to cook the paneer, to taste.
6) Thicken or dry up the gravy. 
7) Serve as an accompanient or with fried rice or roti.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I have posted on Paniyaram earlier. Recently I came across an easier method to make those spongy, golden brown balls to snack on when one is peckish.  These are made with leftover Idli-Dosa batter . This batter is readily available at any store in Mumbai or you can prepare it at home.

Hetal and Anuja have posted a detailed video on their site Show Me The Curry. It takes just 10 mins to prepare and 10 mins to cook.  I was fascinated and am surely going to make these Paniyarams this evening.

Please view the video here  -   Paniyaram video by

Friday, April 01, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

International Food Bloggers Auction for Japan

International Food Bloggers Auction for Japan: A Little Help Goes A Long Way

This what Aparna writes on her website.

Marie - ( I thought of sharing this with you . A Little Help goes a Long Way

Everyday we read of the devastating effect the earthquake and tsumani has left on the Japanese who have been brave but need a lot of help, monetary or otherwise. Let us all join together and help them in our own little way. It's all for a good cause. God will bless us abundantly for our efforts. )

Aparna writes - On the 11th of March, 2011, most of us woke up to the horrifying news that the north-east coast of Japan had been hit by a massive earthquake, one of the worst known to man. Registering 9.0 on the Richter scale, the earthquake set off a 10m high Tsunami, caused a nuclear emergency and left thousands of people devastated.

Time and time again, the human spirit has proved indestructible in the face of destruction and despair and people in Japan are slowly trying to pick up the pieces and get back to the business of living and helping each other towards a normal life. The rest of the world must do whatever it can towards this end and no help or effort can be too small to count.

In an effort to lend a helping hand, in a perhaps small but meaningful manner, Asha came up with an idea of raising funds through an International Food Bloggers Auction for Japan. This Auction is a contributive effort by a small group of food bloggers across the world using their passion for food to raise funds the Japanese Red Cross Society to be used towards their earthquake relief work.

Please do visit her website for more details.

Asha writes - The International Food Bloggers Auction for Japan is a contributive effort from these bloggers to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross Society towards their disaster relief efforts. Each blogger has pledged an item that will be auctioned to be sold to the highest bidder.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Have feet , will travel

For those who loved reading my travel posts would have guessed how much I love travelling and more off the beaten path.

The usual touristy " spots " have been so well publicised that everyone knows about them. I love bringing life and new meaning to the well known places. Kind of looking at it from another perspective.

So if there is any publication who would like to have a place covered, please do let me know.