Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life teaches You

This is not a post on food but an experience shared with us in a Team Building course, highlighting value + working enviromment .... It made me ponder on the "brave" wit of this simple milkman, giving us lessons in life, time management, working under tremendous time restraints but sparing a thought for others with... a good sense of humour. I have mentioned "brave" because he was speaking to the Vice President of a well-known firm and he was aware of that.

The scene - Milkman delivering milk bags in the morning to the 5th floor in a building with a lift. He enters the lift and presses the button for the 5th ... and 6th floor. ? why 6th ?

This happens every day, without fail.

The gentleman (VP) enters the lift at the same time as the milkman every morning and sees him doing this, when he doesn't have to deliver milk to the 6th floor.

He questions him and accuses him of wasting electricity.

The milkman replies and says that he is in fact saving electricity. The VP is astonished and asks "how"

Explanation - there are several people who go for a morning walk and return around the time the milkman delivers milk. They then call for the lift on the ground floor. The lift goes down - EMPTY - people get in and go to their respective floors and again the lift is called down.

Sometimes when the lift is unused, it goes down on its own. That is the general way a lift works.

So he sends the lift up to the 6th floor (just one floor, instead of 5 floors) and it comes down just in time for him to take the lift down from the 5th floor.

The lift is serving its purpose and therefore electricity is not wasted.

The VP was amazed and he has resolved to follow the same principle henceforth.

Lesson - we take things ... and people for granted..... maybe we should rethink....

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Anonymous said...

/ we take things ... and people for granted..... maybe we should rethink.../ I agree with you.
Life is too short. I try to take life one day at a time.