Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Anglo-Indian Association Picnic

Last Sunday was the Annual Picnic organised by The Anglo-Indian Association (Bombay branch). I attended it (as I am an Anglo-Indian) along with my hubby and we had a wonderful time. I didn't take too many photos as I was too absorbed in enjoying myself with the games, the music and the water park. Yes. the venue was The Royal Garden Retreat on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, a beautiful place and a water park with swimming pools for kiddies and adults alike.

Our group was given a small area under the tree where we formed a little circle with our chairs. We had exclusive speakers and music for ourselves, some had brought along some music (the old favourites) and then was impromptu dancing, games (all compered by Mrs. Blossom Lilywhite - President) who is a warm, lively and marvelous person. She was assisted by her committee members, Mrs. Patricia Adams (Hon. Treasurer) - in the first photo, seated, extreme right, wearing black trousers and multicoloured blouse and Graham Heiden (Hon. Secretary) - in the second photo, extreme right, in blue, standing.

We were a small group of 25 but had great fun. We arrived just in time for breakfast, played games and splashed around in the pools till lunchtime, sat down for 2 exciting rounds of Housie (in which yours truly won twice - I was surprised myselft as I have never won so far at Housie).

There was a Ms. and Mr. Anglo-Indian at the end of it all and we wrapped up with high-tea.

We are now waiting for the May dance on 2nd May.

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