Friday, March 06, 2009

BloggerAid - Uniting To Aid in the Alleviation of Hunger - Join Me

Some of my blogger friends have done so already and I too have joined up ... all for a noble cause. A cause taken up by Ivy of Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and Val of More Than Burnt Toast have made a promising and ambitious effort to publish a cookbook and is targeted to be up for sale on Amazon by Nov/Dec 2009 with the concerted efforts of all bloggers across the globe. The project is "BloggerAid - Bloggers Uniting to Aid in the Alleviation of Hunger" .

The 3 Musketeers (Ladies) say - We are a growing group of international food bloggers determined to make a difference in aid of world famine. The love of food and community that brings us together drives the compassion of its members to reach out to our world to help those less fortunate than we are. Banded by a mission of helping to make a change in a world where starvation affects such a profound number of people, we will raise money and awareness for the hungry in communities both at home and abroad.

Children are our future, so 100 % of the proceeds from the sales of the cookbook will be channeled to the School Meals Program of the World Food Program, the United Nations frontline agency. You don't need to be a member of BloggerAid to submit a recipe. You just need a willingness to share your love of food around the world and want to be involved in raising awareness and money for this program. There is no cost to you - just a sense of satisfaction that comes from participating in this exciting project and seeing your name and recipe in print. The deadline is March 31st 2009.

I have already done my bit and submitted my favourite recipe - Pork Bhooni which is a light but tasty Anglo-Indian dish to be served along with rice or chapatis or bread. I couldn't upload a photograph as my family is fasting and abstaining from everything non-vegetarian till Easter.

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Their vision is a world which provides for and protects the welfare and human dignity of all its people. A world in which all children can grow, learn and flourish, developing into healthy, active, caring members of society.

What are you waiting for ...... the Children of the world await you.

P.S. - Easter is over and I was able to prepare this dish so as to submit a photograph along with the entry for the BloggerAid cookbook.

The dish is called Pork Bhooni and can be served along with steamed rice, dal of any kind (lentil soup), bread, pav and a colourful salad to pep it all up.


Bellini Valli said...

Thank you for your recipe to raise awareness for the BloggerAid cookbook Marie. It sounds delicious!!

Chitra said...

Hello marie,isubmitted my recipe yesterday.Thanks for this awareness post:)enjoy ur days in chennai:)

Darabeel said...

y got my attention keep up the good work