Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrate Bandra

Bandraites - Holla !!!! You love to live in Bandra, the hotspot of Mumbai ... a happening place....

Courtesy Caferati -
Celebrate Bandra Festival Souvenir - Call for Submissions (Original post here.)The Celebrate Bandra Festival happens once every two years in Bandra. This year, the festival will be in November. I'm helping curate the literature section. More about past festivals at (the site won't be updated with this year's schedule for a little while yet).Here's the brief."You're My Home": you live in Bandra, so what makes it home? (If you don't live in Bandra, imagine it). The trees, the birds, the air, your nosy neighbours, your generous and helpful neighbours, their culture and yours, the sea, the waves, the aromas, the convenience, the excitement. It's home, so like every home, it has ups, it has downs. But what is it about the environment of Bandra, seen as broadly as you can, that makes it home for you?You can submit anything that can appear in print (without spending enormous amounts of money): essays, short fiction, poetry, play scripts, illustrations, photographs.Please email your submissions to celebrate.bandra.festival@gmail.comLast date for submissions: September 30th, 11:59p.m.

If you would love to celebrate Bandra and participate in the "Celebrate Bandra" festival, do visit Caferati here ...

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