Tuesday, February 09, 2010

T-shirt hysteria !!

T-shirts and more ....

This is for all those who love to wear and maybe practically live in T-shirts. I discovered a T-shirt store near my office the other day and bought an Off-Beat Apparels Pvt. Ltd. tshirt for Rs 250. The fabric was soft and of good texture and a nice feel to it. In other words, of good quality. I visited their website and found there far more exciting designs in various categories.

They even manufacture tshirts for kids called Magic tshirts. This is because the colour changes from indoors to outdoors. Quite exciting for the kid, I think .

The fabric is 100% cotton, sourced from the cotton hub, Tirupur. The Company is based in Pondicherry (South India)

They have a few retail outlets but have recently started the online ordering facility.

They even take orders for Corporates and have mentioned the gsm of the fabric on their website.

I would recommend visiting their site for further details. www.pondylifestyle.com,

A request - if you are placing an order, kindly mention my name and email (marie8106@gmail.com) while placing the order due to certain reasons. I have signed up as a business affiliate with them after approving the product.

So Happy Shopping !!!

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